To the 65th anniversary from the date of a victory of freedom-loving people over the Second World War 


Christine F. Melkonyan
The Second World War yet has not ended, but the Soviet Union has already undertaken serious diplomatic steps in relation to Turkey. For Turks the territorial claims, concerning Kars and Ardahan who have been annexed by Turkey 1921 became most terrible, under the Kars contract. Moscow behaved cautiously, without expressing openly its interests, — the initiative of returning of these territories proceeded from the Armenian and the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republics. In Stalin plans the Armenian diaspora too was given an important role. In November, 1945, as a pressing measure, Central Committee Political bureau has allowed repatriation of foreign Armenians to Armenia.

But during the «cold war», mainly, in spring 1946, in the atmosphere of implementing the «Truman’s doctrine» and «The plan of Marshall» in 1947 forced the Soviet Union to freeze temporarily programs of the Black Sea passages and revision of borders. Later, after the death Stalin in 1953, Moscow has officially renounced the claims to Turkey.

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