MIKAYEL NALBANDYAN: Philosophy of freedom – 2010-2


Aram G. Alexanyan
In the articles, monographs about Nalbandyan published in the Soviet region, his philosophical worldview was mainly qualified as materialism, or a passage from idealism to materialism. Moreover, Soviet researchers portrayed M. Nalbandyan as an atheist, a person who denied God’s existence. But, in reality, on the basis of the eminent Armenian thinker’s worldview lies deism, which is the organic synthesis of theology, philosophy, and science, and has a syncretic, undifferentiated nature.

In Nalbandyan’s works the classification of the main problems of the theory of cognition and will freedom in mind, having an exceptional blend in his deictic worldview context, also present a necessity of a new examination. M. Nalbandyan’s theory of cognition is greatly relativistic. A lot of formulae discussed in his various works have later been elaborated much more minutely by different streams of philosophical investigation. Mikayel Nalbandyan’s worldview is of epistemological and historicalcultural high value and presupposes a thorough professional study.

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