The history of Armenia and the Armenian culture in perspective of contemporary historical and political theories


Hamlet A. Gevorkian
The contemporary theoretical conceptions of history, politics and culture are based on the analysis and interpretation of the history of Western Europe. When applied to the Armenian history and culture, they must be specified and re-interpreted. In this paper the place and the role of Armenia and Armenian culture are considered in the historical context. The concepts synchronousand diachronous wholeness of culture are introduced and the continuityof the history of Armenia and of the Armenian culture is affirmed. The Armenian culture has expanded its potentialities in the whole cultural space in every historical epoch, and proved to be able to enter into dialogue with other cultures, to adopt and preserve historical monuments of material, social and intellectual culture. It is obvious the impact of the European culture and socal life on Armenia, the progress of the country in Europeanization, interrupted and suppressed by Genocide – massacres and deportation – of the Armenian population. Since there is not any negative prescription for the crimes against humanities, the European countries are expected to realize the Resolution of the European community Parliament (1987) on “Political solution of the Armenian question” (not mere acknowledgement of the fact of the Genocide).

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