The comparative analysis of three Turkish documents

Ruben A. Safrastyan
The program of the Armenian genocide implemented by the government of Ottoman Turkey during the World War I has not received all the attention it deserves. Although a number of books exist concerning Armenian genocide, this is the first paper to be devoted solely to problem under discussion.

The subjects of the investigation are the following ottoman documents:

-The 10 points action plan to eliminate Armenians under cover of deportation, approved by the secret meeting of five leading members of ottoman government and army headquarter, including interior minister Talaat. This document represents the early stage of preparing the program of genocide

-Official Decision of ottoman government on the beginning the deportation of Armenian, which unmasks the genocidal intention of Turkish authorities

-The Deportation Law, which aimed to provide “the legal cover” for the criminal act of Armenian genocide

Thoughtfully examination of sources allows author to come to conclusion that above-mentioned documents formed the program of the Armenian genocide.

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