In the context of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide 

Armen Ts. Marukyan
Despite all obvious deficiencies onesidedness and artificial mistakes commited at the trial of the Young Turks by the Turkish justice, it has had not only historic, but also very important legal and political significance for the historic-legal substantion of the fact of the Armenian Genocide. The Turkish Military tribunal found guilty the high officials also in the mass killings of Armenains. The proof of such a charge in the Turkish court meant indirect recognition of the Armenian Genocide by modern Turkey. Later, probably, as a result of it, the Kemalists tried to neutralize the decisions of the Military tribunals. From this point of view, it seems that at the present there is a need to internationalize the decisions of the Military tribunals, i.e. it is necessary to undertake the investigation of that lawsuit on the basis of available documents in the International court with a new condemnation againts the Turkish state-that it has been guilty in committing the Armenian Genocide.

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