In the context of the development challenges


Atom Sh. Margaryan
The problems of formation and development of the national system of innovation–one of the basic elements of modernization and development of the independent Republic of Armenia’s economy areanalyzed in this article. The author considers the role and significance of the scientific and technological spheres in contemporary conditions and, as a whole, in the light of the problems of the development of the world economy. It is noted that,the only possibility for the economy’s reconstruction and hightening the level of competitivness of the Republic of Armenia, which is in a great need of mineral and energy resources, is connected with substantial development of science and technology. For the solution of this problem, it is necessary to transfer economy to the newly introduced regime by the formation of the national newly established system, which is an organically integrated entity of science, technology and economy. It has the ability to create modern high technologies, new competitive commodities and services, which will guarantee the high level of the society’s welfare and development.

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