In the archival documents of The League of Nations (Geneva, Switzerland)

Edita G. Gzoyan
The article deals with the issue of Karabakh within the framework of the admission of the Republic of Armenia and Azerbaijan to the League of Nations in 1920. It reveals the grounds on which the international organization has rejeted the admission of the Republic of Azerbaijan, namely the non-sovereignty of the government and territorial desputes with neighboring states. Although the modern historians and experts of Azerbaijan mention only the first argument as a basis for refusal, however the archival documents of the League of Nations reveal that the 5th Commission of the League of Nations dealing with the admission of new states clearly grounded with boarder states. Besides, the letter of the Azerbaijani delegation directed to the President of the Frist Assembly of the League of Nations, countering to the arguments raised in the decision on the Azerbaijani admission, also proves that the issue of territorial disputes with Armenia over the districts of Zangezur and Karabakh and with Georgia over the districtt of Zakatala had served as one of the basis for the rejection of admission.

The article also presented the photocopies of relevant documents.