Hakob Movses. “THE POEM SON OF MAN” – 2023-4

Suren S. Abrahamyan

Analytical research material one of the significant names of the modern Armenian poetry-three books of Hakob Movses “Notes” was published in 2015, 2017 and 2018. The notes, which are voluminous as well as relevant in terms of the mastered world and the Armenian aesthetic thought, the development of the contemporary Armenian poetry, music, and social thought. The worldview of Hakob Movses’ notes, as complex as it is and has a spiritual understanding of the concept that versatile material, be it world or Armenian poetry, philosophical and artistic systems, social perception or other issues, is considered from the perspective of the poet’s experience, which comes from the sphere of cultural issues of the modern world.

The main question is the examination of Movses’ worldview, philosophical-aesthetic understandings, which have the same structure and hierarchy of questions in all three poem books of “Notes”. The interpretative center, from which Moses’s thought originates, presupposes a metaphysical beginning, from which the worldview of the writer and the aesthete originates and ends as a whole. This is the basis of the analysis of the article, which is the innovative basis of Movses’ poetry, which is also one of the problems of the experience of modern Armenian aesthetic thought.