Haykazun S. Alvrtsyan

Keywords – Treasury, church, star, moon, bride, groom, Jesus Christ, the High Priest, Collegium, icon, wedding, gold, silver.

The allegorical image of the church of Jesus Christ in Armenian spiritual poems is an unprecedented manifestation of symbolic speech, which in fact was out of scientific attention. In the best case, they deployed such biblical stable and common symbols as the Moon and the bride in order to comprehend the church. The reason is that metaphor is not perceived in this kind of works, and therefore, these poems are interpreted as secular works.

This article attempts to review these works as manifestations of spiritual allegory and interpret them as such. The theory bases of such approach are not only the Bible and theological literature but also theoretical works of the poets of the era, such as the famous interpretation of “The Songs of the Songs” by Grigor Narekatsi, which is not only necessary but also irreplaceable in evaluation of spiritual songs.

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