Albert A. Makaryan

Key words – Zapel Esayan, “Gardens of Silihtar”, “Autobiography”, autobiographical novel, genre peculiarities, contemplation, range of novels, plot, self-portrait, lyricism, imaginal system.

The articles is dedicated to the study of ideological and aesthetic values , as well as, peculiarities of the autobiographical novel ‘Gardens of Silihtar’ by one of the famous masters of Armenian prose Zapel Esa yan. It particularly states the originality of this literary piece in the context of similar works by Gurgen Ma hari, Vahan Totovents and Stepan Zoryan. This literary work stands aside ,first of all, for its dominating lyri cism and the author’s contemplation. The composition structure of the ‘Gardens of Silihtar’ is also very ap pealing: each chapter of the novelette makes an impression of a completed novel-sketch. Besides, while creating the core issue of autobiographical genre, i.e. self-portrait, the novelist outlines rather wide scope of au to biographical materials: in the novelette she includes not only the characters of her family, relatives and fel lows, but also the images of her farthest ancestors, and, thus, finally creates the chronology of several of her native generations.

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