Ruben S. Angaladyan

Key words – Paris, Soviet Armenia, European painting, Paris galleries, surrealism, space painting, sculpture, drawing, national epos, national traditions, large synthesis.

Ruben Angaladyan’s essay is dedicated to Yervand Kochar, who is one of the most original representatives of the Armenian and world art of the 20th century. In his work, the author presents in details the surrealistic paintings of the master created in 1923-1936 in Paris. The author regrets about Kochar’s returning to Soviet Armenia in 1936, when he was already a world famous artist. Despite the fact that in his homeland he created a series of remarkable paintings and carved magnificent sculptures of David of Sasson and Vardan Mamikonyan, but the dictatorship of Stalin did not allow Yervand Kochar to continue and complete his complex synthesis in the sphere of surrealist art.

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