On the occasion of the 90th year of death


Tadevos A. Khachatryan
The question of H. Tumanyan’s literary method overpassed through almost all stages of the Armenian literary criticism having no any specific solution. He was sometimes considered to be romantic, sometimes – realist, and even symbolist. And in most of the cases the assertions that he is realist or romantic have been groundless, because not any well-founded fact was mentioned in favor of any of his methods. He was considered to be realist especially in the soviet period. The academician E. Jrbashyan was taking Tumanyan’s work as the highest expression of realism and called it comparative realism. In the following article the work of Tumanyan has been examined as “Undated poetry”, that is, in a plane completely different of the method or of the question – to which the literary direction did he belong.

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