Part one. Bagratuni princes’ establishment in Kghardjk (Klarjeti) and the beginning of ethnic motions


Arman S. Yeghiazaryan
At the end of VIII century after suppression of the antiarabian revolt of Armenians in 774-775 Bagratunies participating in it settled in Kghardjk the western area of province of Gugark of the Great Armenia. Having appeared in mostly armenian-chalkedonian environment, Bagratids have gradually integrated in it to which promoted beginning during rule of Curopalate Ashot Bagratid (the beginning of IX century) extensive church reconstruction and building in Kgharjk.

During the first half of IX century curopalates of Kgharjk tried to extend their political domination to Georgia, but failed. Then has been made the state idea of Georgian kingdom which proclaimed that: “Georgia includes all lands where church service and all prayers are creating in Georgian language”. After that the spiritual power of “the Prince of Georgians (from 899 – “King of Georgians”)” has gradually extended to the east to Georgia (Kartli).

At the end of IX century the Curopalacity of Kgharjk was a part of the Kingdom of Armenian Bagratids, and Atrnerseh Bagratid the Curopalate of Kgarjk at the end of the century obtained the title of “the King of Georgians” from Armenian king Smbat I, i.e. of population of georgian (chalkedonian) confession.

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