Dimitry N. Sargsyan

In the Hebraic manuscript of the Bible the mountains, upon which Noah’s Arkested, were situated in the country whose name was written with the ‘RR’T consonantal root. This is in accordance with the Country Urartu mentioned in Assyrian cueniform inscriptions. That Country Urartu was called Armina in Persian and Elamitic cueniform inscriptions, and in the Latin trnaslation of Indo- European origin of the Bible, it was called Armenia. The Greek translators of the Bible added the first letter ‘a’ of their alphabet to the consonant of the ‘RR’T consonontal root and got the Ararat country name. In fact, the mountains upon which Noah’s Ark rested were situated in Urartu-ArmeniaArarat country. But the Armenians were curious to know which was the mountain where Noah’s Arkrested in that country. The Armenians of the different provinces of UrartuArmenia-Ararat country composed different traditions; in this way they tried to show that the mountain upon which Noah’s Arkrested was situated in their province. In the traditions composed by the inhabitants of the Province Kordvats that mountain was Judi-Dagh. Pavstos Buzand, S. T. Yeremyan and G. Sargsyan followed that opinion. But in the traditions of the inhabitants of most of the provinces, Masis is considered to be that mountain because Masis was the highest mountain of the Country Urartu-ArmeniaArarat upon which rested Noah’s Ark and saved human race from the great flood. In later eras, after the V-VII centuries, Armenians influenced by the aforementioned names of their country, also called the mountain Masis in the name of Ararat, which carries the meaning of Urartu, as well as, is equivalent to the name, Armenia.

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